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KIMONO knit tie double

KIMONO knit tie double

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A belt-shaped kimono and knit are combined with knit piping to create a double-folded tie.

It features a color scheme line in the knit part,

You can wear it casually around your neck or around your waist.

In order not to waste the edges of the cloth left after cutting the clothes,

A sustainable design created with the same fabric width.

[*Price varies depending on KIMONO. ]

《Selectable KIMONO fabric》

Ishishita Yuki Tsumugi 80 tortoiseshell jumping pattern Flower Kasuri Authentic Oshima Tsumugi Sotetsu Mud

Authentic Oshima Tsumugi Sotetsu mud indigo Kurume Kasuri Midnight

Kurume Kasuri Ita Kasuri (Special) Wave Block Kurume Kasuri Yatara Stripe

Silk cord weave Black mint green Ushikubi Tsumugi Random vertical Kasuri Rainfall

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