MIZEN COLLECTION 1 Feat. 螺鈿織 in Hankyu 2023

MIZEN COLLECTION 1 Feat. Radenori in Hankyu 2023

ARLNATA , which has been developing works that match traditional Japanese techniques with modern lifestyles under the theme of “wearing tradition in the modern age, will be responsible for the artistic direction of MIZEN , which debuted in December 2022. We have made a fresh start.
Starting with materials from 12 production areas all over Japan, it is possible to purchase and order each item individually, and the latest 3D modeling allows you to check the finish in advance, giving you a wider range of options.
This time, we will focus on mother-of -pearl fabric (Kyotango City ), one of the materials that led Teranishi to become independent. Tailored.

Original MIZEN BLUE Katsu ~ SHO ~

Mother-of-pearl weave ( Tamiya mother-of-pearl )

Nicho Nishikiji mother-of-pearl weave, arrow feather pattern

( Nicho Nishikijira Denori and Spring Monyo )

Familiar with the Hamaya used during New Year's visits

A pattern that pays off evil and bad luck.

In the samurai class, it was associated with Shobu ( respect for martial arts ) .

Ingenuity about creation

〇To create the desired color by combining the brocade fabric, black warp, and dark blue weft.

〇 Adjusting the angle of the wings of the arrow feather pattern to improve the appearance

``Nishikiji Raden Woven Large Arrow Feather Pattern ' '

mother-of-pearl weave




The Tango region has a history of over 1,300 years as a traditional production area for silk fabrics.
We have supported kimono, which is a traditional Japanese culture.

Raden's raden represents shells, and 鈿 represents craftsmanship.

In Japan, it developed as a decoration of lacquer and became established as the name of one technique. A new technique was created by fusing this technique with the traditional weaving technique (Hikihaku). Thin plate-shaped seashells are cut into shapes and pasted on Japanese paper, and these are thinly cut into threads and woven as wefts.

MIZEN COLLECTION 1 Feat. Radenori Event Overview

Hankyu Umeda Main Store


8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi

9th floor art stage

August 9 ( Wednesday ) - August 14 ( Monday ) 10:00 - 20:00

*The last day of the event will end at 18:00.

We are looking forward to your visit.


MIZEN is based on the philosophy that "Luxury is the feeling of connection between people."
This is a project to create a luxury brand in which craftsmen who are responsible for traditional Japanese techniques play a leading role.
Based on the theme of "Spinning traditional techniques with the world", Japanese traditional techniques are adapted to modern lifestyles.
By designing and disseminating it not only in Japan but also to the whole world,
We aim to improve our status and increase the sustainability of the industry.

MIZEN Aoyama Main Store

Address: Almost Blue Building C, 6-4-13 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-6427-7586
Business hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays (Regular holidays may change due to normal business hours.)
*Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line "Omotesando Station"
(About 10 minutes on foot from Exit A5)
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