MIZEN BLUE「勝」本場大島紬×木工アーティスト Junichi Hōzono

MIZEN BLUE “Katsu” Honba Oshima Tsumugi x Woodwork Artist Junichi Hōzono

“The ability to feel the connection between people is
Under the concept of luxury ,
Craftsmen responsible for traditional Japanese techniques play a leading role
A project to build a luxury brand.

Japanese traditional technology
Designed for modern lifestyles
By proposing to not only Japan but also the whole world
Improving the status of craftsmen with advanced skills
and the sustainability of the industry
We aim to raise it .

This collaboration planned by MIZEN is
of traditional crafts of Kagoshima Prefecture
With authentic Oshima Tsumugi which is one
Woodworking artist "Junichi Hozono"

3 days from 21st to 23rd
Mr. Junichi Takazono , an artist , also visited us.
Opportunity to connect directly with his thoughts
I prepared it.

Also created for the project
MIZEN Original Pattern Authentic Oshima Tsumugi
MIZEN BLUE “Katsu” ~SHO~ “Hanakasuri・Katsu”
We will also announce clothes tailored using

"Mud dye of light"

―A bundle of silk thread spun from a cocoon is dyed separately into white and black dots with mud
By carefully weaving the threads while matching the pattern
“Oshima Tsumugi” with floating patterns
It's like a collection of light and shadow created through mud-dyeing.

MIZEN GALLERY by the first artist
The first collaboration project with traditional crafts is
Expressing gentle and powerful organic lines in woodwork
Mud-dyed works, one of the traditional techniques shared with Oshima Tsumugi
Mr. Hozono, who has worked on many
The state of light and shadow captured by his works
Replaced with the expression "light mud stain",
I created an art piece for this exhibition.
In addition to art pieces, one-of-a-kind accessories
you can see

Woodworking artist: Junichi Hozono

From Mr. Hozono

It all started with an encounter with Buddhist statues in Kyoto. Since I was a child, I wanted to make something that makes me want to pray.
Carving while interacting with the wood, I aim to express shapes that follow the flow of nature.
I like the word jozen josui, so I make things with an awareness of the existence of water.
By creating both a quiet work that is close to meditation like sitting in meditation and a work that is driven by an impulse that disturbs the mind, the image of ripples on the calm surface of the water and the cutout in the torrent. image.
It is as if it exists in nature as it is, and I would like to create something that enriches people's hearts and makes people want to look at it by making the palm of their hand.
I believe that more beautiful things are born when "people" are involved in beautiful nature.
I also believe that people are the ones who can move people's hearts the most.
I want to create beautiful things that bring prayers.

Born March 10, 1981 in Osaka Prefecture
March 2004 Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts (former Kyoto University of Art and Design)
2009 Moved to Amami Oshima
2010 Worked in the furniture manufacturing industry
2015 Opened KOSHIRAERU Create accessories and small items with a focus on sculpture
2018 Exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris as a project of Kagoshima Prefecture. Exhibited a comb using the mud dyeing of Oshima Tsumugi, a traditional craft of Amami Oshima.



Original MIZEN BLUE Katsu ~SHO~
Authentic Oshima Tsumugi (Masuya Gihei) Hanagasuri “Katsu”

Mr. Shinzo Ueda, Chairman of Masugi Co., Ltd., talks about authentic Oshima Tsumugi original patterns

The pattern is authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi, which is hand-woven with wavy patterns. It was the first time I devised a kasuri pattern in the shape of a small flower for this series, and at that time I named it Hanakasuri. Because the kasuri pattern is mainly made with weft threads, the size and arrangement can be changed relatively freely, making it possible to create new patterns one after another. Based on this Hanakasuri, mud indigo dyeing is applied, and red and yellow are printed on the warp and weft threads, which are evenly spaced, as an image of the theme of MIZEN this time, "Kachiiro".

Authentic Oshima Tsumugi

Authentic Oshima Tsumugi


Kagoshima prefecture

Authentic Oshima Tsumugi is a very rare material that uses a decoction of vegetable dyes and threads dyed with iron-rich mud found only in Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture. The finished pattern is already colored in the thread before weaving, and the precision of the kasuri that weaves the thread with the pattern accurately is unparalleled in the world. In order to create highly accurate kasuri threads, a weaving process called shimebata is performed, after which the kasuri threads in both the vertical and horizontal directions are hand-woven , so it is said that "Oshima weaves twice."


MIZEN is based on the philosophy that "Luxury is the feeling of connection between people."
This is a project to create a luxury brand in which craftsmen who are responsible for traditional Japanese techniques play a leading role.
Based on the theme of "Spinning traditional techniques with the world", Japanese traditional techniques are adapted to modern lifestyles.
By designing and disseminating it not only in Japan but also to the whole world,
We aim to improve our status and increase the sustainability of the industry.

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