MIZEN BLUE “Katsu” Kurume Kasuri × ARLNATA

#Spinning traditional techniques with the world

MIZEN is a project to build a luxury brand in which craftsmen who are responsible for traditional Japanese techniques play a leading role under the philosophy that "luxury is the feeling of connection between people."

By designing Japanese traditional techniques in a way that suits modern lifestyles and proposing them not only to Japan but also to the whole world, we aim to raise the status of highly skilled craftsmen and promote the sustainability of the industry. We aim to raise it.

In February 2023, MIZEN will produce a collaboration between Kurume Kasuri, one of the traditional crafts of Fukuoka Prefecture, and ARLNATA, a former designer of "HERMÈS" who makes clothes from cloth such as high-end pongee. .

Original fabrics created for MIZEN Project Vol.1 MIZEN BLUE Katsu ~SHO~ We use "Kachitonbo" and fabrics from weavers (Sakata Orimono, Shimokawa Orimono, Nomura Orimono) procured directly from the production area. I will announce the clothes that I made.

The interior of the gallery for this event was designed by Naoki Sasaki, a flower artist who is active worldwide as a floral artist and who sympathizes with the philosophy of MIZEN, which creates and disseminates new value using traditional techniques. I will have it.

Flower artist: Naoki Sasaki

Born 1967 in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture.

Born to parents who run a flower shop, he grew up surrounded by plants from an early age. Based on the belief that "To live is to make the most of it," he has developed a unique sensibility that expresses the beauty of Japanese spaces by discerning the beauty of the moment of flowers. The flower decorations that freely express the Japanese spirit are highly appreciated overseas as they connect the Japanese spirit through flowers and trees in international diplomatic forums such as the Toyako Summit, the APEC Yokohama Summit, and the Ise-Shima Summit.





Original MIZEN BLUE Katsu ~SHO~

Kurume Kasuri (Sakata Textile) “Kachitombo”

Inspired by a cloth with a dragonfly kasuri pattern called “Katsumushi,” which remains in the archives of Sakata Orimono, the base of the pattern is iron navy blue, and white and yellow stripes are added as the image colors of “Katsu.” Finished with a pattern that expresses the theme.

Kurume Kasuri

Kurume Kasuri Fukuoka Prefecture

Kurume Kasuri is a cotton fabric produced in the Chikugo region of southern Fukuoka Prefecture.

Using a technique called kukuri, cotton yarn bundles are bound according to the design and then dyed, and the pattern appears on the yarn by untying the dyed yarn bundles.

In this way, by weaving using pre-dyed threads, the pattern is slightly misaligned, resulting in a unique faint pattern.

Along with Iyo Kasuri and Bingo Kasuri, it is said to be one of the three major Kasuri patterns in Japan.

By mechanizing it as necessary, there are some weavers who produce it without losing its old-fashioned look.

It goes well with Western clothes, and in modern times, you can feel the characteristics of kasuri on your skin.

Video provider: Sakata Orimono


MIZEN is based on the philosophy that "Luxury is the feeling of connection between people."
This is a project to create a luxury brand in which craftsmen who are responsible for traditional Japanese techniques play a leading role.
Based on the theme of "Spinning traditional techniques with the world", Japanese traditional techniques are adapted to modern lifestyles.
By designing and disseminating it not only in Japan but also to the whole world,
We aim to improve our status and increase the sustainability of the industry.

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